viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012

We are not equal

by carlos coronel

We are not equal, is the origin of the vision of a real global architecture environment; the world is ruled not only by the economy that set the countries in the first, second, third or less world. At least one good architect can be found in any country; first because “born skills” and second because the interest in search the architecture made in the past, on process and futuristic visions collected by own experience, books and internet (websites, e-mails and messenger).
Focus in a country field, the panoramic collages of architects made difficult to involve in a new or actual way of making and teach architecture; because it is natural to find small firms with students making inter-ships without pay and without experience, architects with experience but without license, architects with license but without field experience, and architects with a lot of degrees, masters and doctorates but without talent (but they think they have it!.

The printed or virtual resources for architect became catalogs a long time ago, because only show meaningless images of fashionable designs of un-build or maybe only one build buildings.

-The “command” of any drafting program is more valuable than a simple pencil line on a napkin, everyone who read at least one book of an unusual last name architect consider himself theorist or a critic.

21st century is our days, not the future. In the last century the first 10 years were defined by the use of steel and glass and mass production; now we want to have the same way to distinguish this new century, and it is easy, maybe too easy; the are a lot of new materials. It is necessary to find something deeper and return the “technology” and “new materials” success to the engineer’s fields and turn our interest in architecture.

Re-evaluate the quote “I have a dream”. The architect needs to believe in his mission as creator of cultures and cities, not only as an employee, the basic needs of a human make that the architect spent more time working for a salary than meditate about the way of life of his close and far society.

The word architecture is now linked with organization process, like the system architecture of software; the technology is stealing our words. Architecture is about buildings, architecture is about cities, architecture is about comfort, architecture is about learning every day, architecture is the tool to make a society accessible to work day by day, architecture is about time; working 24-7.

It is the vision of a 3rd word country architect, then it is only a minimal part of the concept of architecture, it is a simple point of view, because it is part of my point of view; we are not equal, so, the architecture is not equal, theory is not equal, practice is not equal. But that is why we live in a chaotic ORDER.